Client Reviews

Peter From JHL Civil

“Their finance deal at the time made it an easy choice and Supergroups service since then has cemented my decision.

“It has led us to purchasing 4 excavators ranging from 1.7 tonne to 5.0 tonne in the past 12 months. Our fleet looks great and the boys love operating them. We couldn’t be happier!”

Peter From Clark Excavations

“Supergroups have always given me good service and when I need something, they always come through with it, and the Kubota’s just keep going. They are excellent.”

Tyron, From Indepthcivil Mornington Peninsula

“Dealing with the Supergroups sales staff is easy and they’re a good bunch of blokes and the service department is fantastic and their after sales service is brilliant, absolutely brilliant”.

Chris, From May Excavations

“Supergroups has always been good and so have the Kubota’s, so why change a good thing. I always get the machines serviced at Supergroups when they are due and they always help me out and get out quickly  to look after me”.

Mark & Andy, From Thompson Bros Earthmoving

“What I Iike about Kubota is the machines are very reliable, economical and simple. They are reliable and safe and their controls are a lot smoother than a lot of other brands.

“Fabian from Supergroups and has been terrific and always checks in with us to make sure everything is okay. We are happy with everything and have had no warranty or maintenance issues”.

David From Multiworks

“Kubota products and engines are reliable and it is very good equipment to use. The seats are comfortable all the controls are close by and well laid out, all the features are excellent and the power in the machines is really good, especially for the size they come in.

“Anytime I need something for the Kubota’s, Supergroups help me out with parts and servicing and it is always done quickly and they are great to deal with”.

Wayne From MCSConnect

“Our fleet is exclusively Kubota and over the last 10 years I have been buying all my machines through Supergroups. They have always been pretty easy to deal with."

Darren From Mayberry Excavations Pakenham

“Supergroups servicing ability and their parts back up make them a great team to work in with. All my excavators are Kubota’s and they are great machines, very reliable and have never let me down.A lot of what we do is rockwork, that is very hard on machines but the Kubota are just so reliable and have never let us down anywhere. They are bullet proof.

"The Supergroups guys are brilliant.  I have rung them after hours and they have always come out and helped and their after hours servicing is gold.They've even brought out parts to me after hours and when you have to get a job done itbrilliant. Downtime is zero with the Kubota”. 

Leigh From Conplex Constructions

"The biggest thing for us is we can’t afford any downtime and that’s why I use Kubota’s as they are so reliable. The guys at Supergroups are really helpful from sales to parts back up to the service department. They understand our business and make sure servicing is done with the least disruption to our work flow”.

Why choose Super Groups

  • Kubota dealer for over 25 years
  • Victoria's #1 Mini Excavator Dealer
  • Specialists in Mini Excavator Equipment
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • 5 Star Service

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