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Looking for Kubota’s SSV-Series of skid steer loaders in Melbourne? You’ve come to the right place! These innovatively engineered skid steers offer a number of advantages, including: excellent power, exceptional operator comfort, two speed travel, tilt-up cabin, self-levelling function and unique Kubota Shockless Ride to name a few.

Super Groups’ range of skid steer loaders for sale will bring new levels of performance and productivity to any jobsite. Their unique vertical lift design takes moving dirt to a whole new level.

Skid Steers for Sale

We are a premium supplier of genuine Kubota skid steers in Australia. Kubota have been distributing their range of excavation products across the country for close to 40 years now, so you can rest assured that you’re investing in a quality machine. Their after sales support and ability to supply parts is second to none, ensuring that your loaders are always kept in tiptop condition.

New and Used Models

We have a range of new and used skid steers for sale in Melbourne, ensuring that you can find a machine that meets the specific needs of your jobsite as well as your budget. All used skid loaders for sale have been thoroughly inspected to ensure that they have been properly maintained throughout their lifetimes and that they will continue to offer their next owner the very best in performance.


Our range of new and used skid steer loaders come with a number of features that you are sure to take advantage of.

This feature, which is unique to the Kubota brand, helps to minimise operator fatigue by smoothing out the ride. It is particularly useful when carrying heavy loads over rough terrain.

Standard on this series, this ingenious feature allows operators to open the door regardless of the loader’s position, allowing for entry and exit and even the most difficult of situations.


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