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Known in the trade as Excavators, Mini Excavators or Diggers, Supergroups Kubota range has many advantages including: increased digging depth, greater power, longer reach, higher lift capacity, more breakout force and increased swing torque. With 13 models to select from, it's easy to find excavators for sale in Victoria to suit your needs. 

Kubota Excavator U27-4

Extra compact and tough enough to tackle the most demanding tasks in tight spaces with ease

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Kubota Excavator U48-4

Superior 4.8-tonne tight tail swing excavator with the power and flexibility to work wonders in narrow spaces.

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Kubota Excavator U35-4

The Kubota U35-4 combines the agility of a 3.5 tonne swing compact excavator with the space and comfort of a 5-tonne class deluxe cab, to create the ideal workplace.

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Kubota Excavator KX040-4

This compact machine sets the standard in the 4-tonne excavator class and combines high torque performance with exceptional strength and versatility to suit almost any job.

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Kubota Excavator U55 4

The Kubota U55-4 sets a new benchmark in the 5.5 tonne excavator class with outstanding power, versatility and confined space operating capability

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Kubota Excavator KX080-3S

The 8-tonne KX080-3S is Kubota’s most advanced utility class excavator yet and is ideal for those seeking maximum productivity while operating in tight workplaces.

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Kubota Excavator KX057- 4

Setting a new standard in the 5.5 tonne class and designed to work with a variety of attachments, the KX057-4 delivers superior performance in the field, while keeping you comfortable and operating at your best.

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Kubota Excavator KX91- 3S

Kubota’s KX91-3 delivers outstanding digging and dozing performance in the 3.2 tonne class, with a bucket breakout force of 2785kgs and equally impressive lifting and loading capabilities.

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Kubota Excavator K008 -3

Kubota’s K008-3 sets a new benchmark for ultra compact excavators.  It’s durable, versatile and ideal for a wide range of building and construction applications.

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Our range of new and used Kubota excavators, mini excavators and diggers are guaranteed to provide world-class performance thanks to their sophisticated design,  engineering excellence and reliability.

Kubota Excavators for Sale

Super Groups is a premium supplier of Kubota excavators in Australia. The brand has been distributing its earthmovers and excavators throughout the country for close to 40 years and has recently opened a Head Office and warehousing facility in Melbourne. Their support and parts supply is truly exceptional, ensuring that your earthmovers and excavators are kept in optimal condition.

New and Used Models

We supply a range of brand new and used Kubota excavators, ensuring that you are able to find the ideal machine to suit your specific job needs and your budget. All of our used excavators have been carefully inspected to ensure that they have been properly maintained throughout their lifetimes and that they will continue to offer their next owner the very best performance.


Our range of new and used excavator sales offers a number of features that are sure to improve their performance.

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